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In today's telco scene, the only constant is change. And operators have to keep transforming to meet the demands of this shifting landscape.

The key to success is adopting a lean digital telco model. This is an alternative to the traditional telco model, which responds slowly to customer needs, has weak digital engagement, and falls into "legacy thinking."

Use Case 2


Enter growing international markets faster, and with less financial strain.

Ideal for: Traditional telco players, Internet service providers

New world, new challenges

Telcos are facing immense pressure to evolve their business models. However, most aren’t adapting to these new times.

Mobile revenue

Revenues have been steadily decreasing.

7out of past


Telco “commodification”

Data price decrease in the last decade:


Changing preferences

Net promoter scores of digital native companies are surpassing that of telcos.







Out with the old

The following facts are rooted in outdated business models and are common stumbling blocks for telcos:

Inability to create value

High capital expenditure.

Lackluster Digital ecosystem

Not creating a robust ecosystem to complement the telco portfolio.

Consumers are an afterthought

Slow response to customer needs, and weak digital engagement.

Outdated operating model

Inability to shift to a lean and agile operating model.

The next big thing

Expanding into new markets with digital mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) is considered the next big growth engine.

New growth outside of saturated markets

Realize the potential of under penetrated markets.

Enterprise demand for international mobility

International mobility for employees and the internet of things.

Ecosystem expansion

Use your MVNO as a base to launch digital and lifestyle services.

Our Solution

Our team has the built-in operating expertise to accelerate your growth. Our over 5 years' worth of experience running Circles.Life gives you the advantage.


Get a 360-degree view of your customers' data and journeys

Challenge: Consumer as afterthought.

Our solution: In-built customer-centricity.


Lean startup with less than 10 personnel

Challenge: Inflexible architectural environment.

Our solution: Cohesive flexible stack.


Seamless backend integration with digital partners to unify the customer journey

Challenge: Lackluster digital ecosystem.

Our solution: Digital ecosystem engine.


Built-in operating expertise from the get-go

Challenge: Legacy thinking in a digital brand.

Our solution: Easy learning curve.

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