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In today's telco scene, the only constant is change. And operators have to keep transforming to meet the demands of this shifting landscape.

The key to success is adopting a lean digital telco model. This is an alternative to the traditional telco model, which responds slowly to customer needs, has weak digital engagement, and falls into "legacy thinking."

Use Case 3


Offer core telco capabilities within your digital ecosystem.

Ideal for: Traditional companies, Digital-first companies, Enterprises

We have entered the era of the digital ecosystem

As industry value chains collapse, companies are betting on digital ecosystems. Within a decade, revenue generated by digital ecosystems will comprise a quarter of all revenue generated.



5G-enabled consumer revenue, 2019 to 2030

5G generates significant digital consumer revenue, which telcos are uniquely positioned to capture:



Projected revenue by 2030 of digitally-enabled ecosystems.



of global revenue.



5G non-connectivity revenue

The battle for hearts & minds (and wallets)

The opportunity is great, but the competition is fierce. Over 700 companies are deploying ecosystem strategies to compete for superiority in their regional markets.

3 Battlefronts

Driving engagement Increasing share of wallet Delivering financial results

The competition will get even more fierce as more traditional players make the pivot to digital.

Personalized Experience

To succeed in this field, companies need to deploy their own smart ecosystems. A smart ecosystem gives a high degree of personalization to its users.


of users expect a personalized experience


of users repurchase next year


more revenue with personalization

A smart ecosystem has to provide the following key features:

1. Intelligent curation of personalized services

2. Engaging and always-on user interface

3. Advanced analytics based on high fidelity user data to drive hyper-segmentation

4. Enables new digital services to meet consumers’ diverse lifestyle needs

The digital telco:
the heart of your ecosystem

An integral factor to an effective ecosystem play is launching a digital telco. As the core of your ecosystem, a digital telco provides numerous advantages.

360-degree customer view with high fidelity telco data

Facial recognition Real-time geolocation Usage (voice, data) Browsing behavior Channel preferences

Drive average revenue per user and reduce churn

Effective marketing and retargeting Integrated digital customer experience

Capture new revenue streams

Cloud and mobile gaming
Immersive experience
Enhanced video and live sports streaming

Got data?

A digital telco provides the opportunity for richer data capture.

What a digital native player usually captures:

Basic demographics
Transaction data on own services
Purchase and browsing data on own services
Point-in-time or point-to-point location data

What telco data can provide:

Granular demographics
End-to-end service usage profiles
High-fidelity location and geospatial

Declare independence

Partnerships are great, but only a first-party digital telco lets you unlock full value. Telco partnerships only provide segment or aggregated data due to data privacy laws. With owned data you can get:

1. Individual credit scores

2. Real-time triggers

3. Individual targeting

4. Accurate modelling with leading indicators

5. Real-time alerts

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