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Get ahead of the curve

Evolve your business with the world's first cloud-native, digital telco operating system.

Whether you're launching your own digital telco brand, expanding into international markets, or supercharging your digital ecosytem, Circles-X will put you ahead of the curve.

Circles-X Platform Why Circles-X

Our telco partners are established market leaders

Lead the revolution


Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to operate efficiently and offers personalized digital services.

Our platform runs natively on the cloud, powered by our unique technology stack, that delivers a highly-flexible and completely digital customer experience.

Out of the box

Everything you need to run and operate your digital telco is provided natively. Run your business lean with less than 10 people at launch.

Circles-X Platform

A view like no other

On top of our platform, our team has built-in operating expertise from the get-go to accelerate your growth. Our +5 years' worth of experience running our own telco gives you the leverage to run fast.


Performance that speaks for itself

Coming in full circle

Circles.Life is powered by the Circles-X operating system. Our own experience launching and operating a digital telco benefits partners and delivers results. These are telco solutions as only a telco operator can provide.

Our performance from the past 5+ years of operating:


NPS >50

99+% CSAT (Customer satisfaction score)

Subscriber growth engine


1% Market share by 6-8 months, growing to 7% by 5th year.

Strong digital ecosystem


ARPU uplift from digital ecosystem products and partnerships.

Lean operating model


10-person team at launch, and 12- to 15-person team once 100,000 subscribers are surpassed.

Use cases

Opportunities out of the box

Circles-X gives you all the tools needed to stake your claim in growing digital markets. Our digital elco operating system isn’t just a “telco in a box” — it’s a Digital-Telco-as-a-Service.


Launch digital brands faster and reach new markets.


Enter growing international markets faster.


Offer core telco capabilities wihtin your digital ecosystem.

Our success stories

Solutions from every angle

Evolve and expand your business with the world's first fully-digital telco enterprise software. Backed by its experience launching Circles.Life, Circles-X will put your business ahead of the curve.

Our products have helped our partners disrupt rapidly-shifting digital landscapes.


Shifting to a leaner model


First 5G Cloud-Based Telco


Improving Monetization


Success with attracting a younger audience


Transformed Experience & Engagement

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Circles-X can evolve your business. To learn more or request a demo, drop us a line. Your future is waiting.

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